Horace Says...

Why is it that people get upset when I react poorly to them being an asshole? Am I missing something?

I find it frustrating sometimes trying to communicate with certain people who, while being highly intelligent, seem to have great difficulty with complex discussion.


Affection. Courtesy. Politeness. Why are these things so difficult for some people?

Thorough contemplations should come before unerasable mistakes are made.

People say stupid shit. A lot.

I don’t feel.


Secret Diary

I completely understand the need for a secret diary. One where thoughts can be expressed without concern for the feelings of others.

Anonymous said: Have you done tumblrdatinggame(.)com yet?

Have you kissed my ass yet?

Allergies Suck

My head hurts. My face hurts. My body hurts because I keep coughing. I have a near constant stream of clear liquid dripping from my nose, which is completely congested and I can’t breathe through. My GP tells me it’s allergies. Based on the skin prick test of 3 years ago, my allergist tells me I’m not allergic to anything. WTF? Something must change now.